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Successfully taking your business idea from paper into practice requires sound advice, solid action plans, and robust systems and processes. From deciding on company structure, to benchmarking and setting up an accounting system using Xero, we can give you the confidence to move forward.

Good Idea For a Business

Have a good idea but worried about whether you have the legal or the financial knowledge to make it happen?.

  • Sound advice on whether the idea is a good one.
  • Decide on whether a company, partnership or sole trading structure may be best for you.
  • Advise you on both your working capital and term capital requirements.
  • Set up an accounting system for you using Xero.
  • Complete all the boring stuff of registering with the IRD and maybe the Companies Office.
  • We can make your business idea a reality.


Ever wondered when starting out, how your business is performing in relation to its competitors? What is their Gross Profit? What rent do they pay? What are wages and salaries as a % of sales? We can provide you with accurately timely information that shows:

  • How your business compares to its creditors.
  • Understand and analyse the key performance indicators in your industry.
  • Building on this information, we will work with you to develop action plans that will give you that A+ confidence as you move forward.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Numbers not your strong point? Come and talk with us. Modern business demands up to date accurate information and with Xero we can help you to achieve this through the use of one of our pricing plans that keeps your costs to a minimum but adding value to your business. We will discuss your needs with you and provide solutions to help you run a successful business.

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Walsh & Associates were recommended to us by a trusted source and we have found Vaughan and his team to be excellent in providing us what we need accounting wise.

Tony McEwan – Speights Alehouse, Napier


The pressure of day-to-day business often means that strategic planning can take a back seat. But to keep moving forward and be successful your business must plan ahead. We have the experience and expertise to help you develop a strategic plan that looks at where you want your business to be in both the short and long term.


Cash is the life blood of any business and a budget allows you to measure the peaks and troughs of your cash flow before lack of cash becomes a problem. The budget also allows you to set financial targets and measure your performance.

Through Xero, we can set budgets for you that allows you to measure your performance on a monthly basis, so you can determine whether you performed the way you planned to do. In addition to goal setting, budgets are now often required by Banks and other funding providers before they will lend against your cash flow needs.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Survival in today’s business means you have to be financially fit – is this the right time to invest in an item of plant, should we have more stock and do we have enough money to pay our employees at the end of the week. Through Xero, we can provide you with accurate, timely and informative cash flow forecasting that will help you:

  • Know when cash is available.
  • Plan and prepare for expansion.
  • Analyse and anticipate key expenses such as payroll.

Equipped with this information, we will work with you to develop the best options that suit your needs.

Management Consulting

Through our extensive experience, we have the know-how to run your business profitability. We have experience in governance and advisory boards that automatically you can take advantage of. We will check that your business is competitive and profitable and suggest where appropriate other options that will maintain your profitability.

Let us give your business a health check! Take the practical advice we can offer and use it maintain the ongoing success of your venture.

Strategic Planning

With the pressure of daily business, it often means that strategic planning can take a back seat, but for a business to be successful, it must plan ahead. With the experience we have gained, we can help you develop a strategic plan that looks at where you want your business to be in 1 year or 3 – 5 years. A good strategic plan must consist of:

  • Definition of your objectives and financial goals.
  • Have a plan in place to help you achieve your plans.
  • Know your market and identify your competitors.
  • Define the makeup of your company in the 1 year or 3 – 5 years.

Succession Planning

As a number of people often don’t forecast their own demise, we need to have a long term succession plan in place. Coordinating the transition of the business to its successors can be fraught with problems and become a very arduous process. However, with our experience we can address the issues of business continuation.

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Personally we have found Walsh & Associates excellent business partners who add good value and professional services to our group of companies.

The personnel are well qualified in providing common sense solutions in all aspects of commercial accounting and financial business systems in running a successful business today.

Walsh & Associates senior people are excellent to deal with, are easy to access and importantly are most cost effective for our business too.

Edwin Brown – Jemvest Ltd & Lochkin Investments


Business moves fast. Moving with it requires advice you can trust around financing, acquisitions and mergers, insolvency, selling and even the right accounting software. Whatever the scenario, at Walsh & Associates we have the experience and expertise to remove the stress and maximise the opportunity for your business.


Today’s finance markets are often complex and varied. We don’t need every product on the market but we know enough to recommend the best option for you whether it be term funding or a bank loan. Our experience means that we can structure debt while also maximising any tax advantages that may come.

Software Solutions

For small to medium / largish organisations, we are strongly recommending Xero accounting software. The main attributes of Xero from a user’s perspective are:

  • It’s in the Cloud, doesn’t sit on a local hard drive.
  • No concerns about us having the same version as you.
  • There is only one general ledger, not multiple ones.
  • You always work the most recent release of software.
  • There is no backing up of software.

Choosing the right kind of software for you can be difficult and we have invested considerable resources into training our staff so they can provide adequate support and provide you with the best accounting software available.


There are several scenarios where you may wish to obtain a business. Whatever the scenario, we can remove the stress from the process and maximise opportunity for you. Whether you are looking at buying a business or merging with another, we have the experience and expertise required to make it seamless. We may well question your judgement as to whether it is the best deal for you as a shareholder, or can you afford it, or even whether other growth opportunities exist or need further investigation.

The services we provide incorporate every stage of the process – from identifying potential acquisitions and negotiating the commercial elements of the transaction to forecasting the future of the business. Our services will look at:

  • A review of your goals and objectives.
  • Due diligence services.
  • Preparation of financial forecasts.
  • Advice on potential pitfalls and rewards involved in a merger.
  • Assistance with the purchase negotiations.
  • Advice on financing.
  • Assistance with a preparation of a business plan.

Drawing on the skills of our business professionals reduces your chances of purchasing an unsuitable business. Let Walsh & Associates show you how our experience can save you stress and provide you with the satisfaction that a good business merger can achieve.


This is often a word that is used loosely but has far reaching consequences for owners of companies. The key to avoid this, is seeking professional help once the signs become apparent. Timely advice can save your business from liquidation or a receivership.

Sometimes the words receivership or liquidation are not that well understood. A receiver may be appointed by a bank for example under a general security given by the business owner to raise funds to clear the banks debt. A liquidator, disposes of the Company assets, repays the creditors and the company ceases to exist. We have the experience and are here to assist parties that may find themselves in these situations.

Selling a Business

Everybody thinks their business is worth more than what a buyer is prepared to pay. At Walsh & Associates, we can sit down with business owners and give a range of pricing over a number of models. From this we can prepare a draft memorandum of sale, which the seller can take to the market and be confident in his asking price.

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As a long time resident and businessman in Waipukurau, I think the down to earth and practical approach by Vaughan Walsh is welcomed by many of the local business owners. My business has greatly benefited from their no nonsense approach and sound advice.

Neil Sloan – Sloan’s Saddlery & CHB Party Hire


We understand that day-to-day office duties like payroll services, paying creditors, collecting debtor remittances, company legislation tasks, even estate planning and forensic accounting, can divert your attention away from core business activities. Let Walsh & Associates relieve you of the burden so you can concentrate on keeping your business moving forward.

Administration Role

So you might be the best mechanic or builder around, but when it comes to numbers, they frighten you. We understand that and know that day to day office duties are not for everyone. We can help you with:

  • Processing wages.
  • Paying creditors.
  • Collecting and banking debtor remittances.
  • Other administrative roles which may not spin your wheels.

Payroll Services

While paying staff is important, it may divert you from your core business activities. The complexities with payroll legislation are becoming greater.

We can help you with this by providing a comprehensive, confidential payroll service that includes:

  • Customised payslips and an online kiosk for employees.
  • IR filing to IRD.
  • Summarised analysis of staff costs.

Company Law

Company legislation requires that companies must perform several tasks that are now often overlooked by business owners, either accidentally or dare I say it deliberately. The threat to us as business owners of failing to keep up with the changing rules is too great a risk to take. At Walsh & Associates, we can help relieve clients of this burden with services such as:

  • Providing general advice on company law.
  • Company formations and the structure of share capital.
  • Filing of annual returns on your behalf.
  • Preparing all documentation related to minutes and resolutions.
  • Maintaining statutory books.
  • Assistance with changes of directors, shareholders, addresses and office details.
  • Bonus issues of shares.
  • Share transfers.
  • Company’s purchasing back their own shares and then reissuing them at a later point.

Estate Planning

This at the best of times is seen as a morbid task, but it is one of the necessities of life. Having your assets being dealt with efficiently can provide peace of mind. The executor and trustee of a will are required to perform a number of duties. We are experienced in these matters and can give assurance no deviation from the succession plan to protect your assets.

Services that we typically provide are:

  • Meeting to discuss the objectives of your estate often with your lawyer present.
  • Confirming the existence of assets and their likely market values.
  • Protecting the assets.
  • Paying taxes and debts.

Forensic Accounting

More and more our services are being called upon to utilise techniques to determine responsibility in financial disputes or misappropriation. Where any dispute is concerned, it is imperative to get timely advice. We have the knowledge and the experience to avoid costly legal battles and resolve issues with the minimum of disruption.

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Metalform has been working with Walsh & Associates for the past six years. Vaughan Walsh’s experience and knowledge is appreciated by our board and management, and his involvement has contributed to the growth and strengthening of the Metalform business over the past few years.

Allan Benbow – GM Metalform (Dannevirke) Ltd


Every business is required to prepare an annual statement of its revenue, expenses, assets and liabilities. Mostly this happens around 31 March or 30 June. We encourage all our clients to use Xero because it gives you and us easy access to your bank transactions, invoices, reports and GST. Often, where we’re comfortable coding has been done correctly, we can produce figures at a moment’s notice (for example, a profit and loss statement or cashflow projection.

Clients are requested to complete a questionnaire which gives the accountant a thorough knowledge of the business and can give early warning signs to potential problems.

Charitable Trusts

The concept of Charitable Trusts took a significant meaning in 2010 when they were defined and in 2016 when new reporting requirements came out for them. By virtue of definition, a Charitable Trust is set up to hold assets and carry on activities for the benefit of the community. Often Charitable Trusts are formed in order to:

  • Promote education.
  • Poverty relief.
  • Promoting religion.
  • A miscellaneous benefit to the community.

A Charitable Trust registered by the Registrar of Incorporated Societies, gains tax benefits when approved by the IRD. These benefits may include the absence of tax on income earned by the Trust. At Walsh & Associates we’re well versed in understanding the practicalities of Charitable Trusts and our experience will mean that your trust will achieve its goals in a tax effective manner.


The tax incentives of having a Trust are largely gone and a Trust now exists to perform what it was originally set out to do and that is to protect the assets that you have accumulated for others. Our experience means we can give advice on the types of trusts and ensure all statutory obligations are being met. We can complete:

  • Minute keeping.
  • Annual accounts.
  • Taxation.
  • Asset protection measures.
  • Income distribution.

New laws soon to be introduced to the New Zealand landscape, will insure a closer monitoring of services.

Subdivisional Activity and Rental Properties

Often the terminology is cross threaded but is an area that is often chased by the IRD. We can provide advice on the following:

  • Purchasing a property.
  • Whether the acquisition is of a capital or a revenue nature.
  • Reviews of lease agreements.
  • Advice on funding and the likely tax effects of this.
  • Advice on the ownership structures.
  • Financial forecasts and the likely return to investors.

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Taxation can be a major cost to your business, either through missed or incorrect deductions. Our proactive approach to taxation management ensures that we build a solid relationship with both you our client, and the IRD to keep your penalties to a minimum and interest payments down.

We offer a complete range of taxation services and we can offer advice based on proven knowledge and experience. Our proactive approach to taxation management, driven largely by Kevin Walsh, ensures that we build a solid relationship with both our client and the IRD.

Taxation can be a major cost to any business, either through missed deductions or by taking incorrect deductions. We work with our clients to minimise their tax and in some cases, we may purchase tax on clients behalf to keep their penalties and interest down. Typically, our tax advice would cover:

  • Preparing personal and company tax returns.
  • Advice and written confirmation on both provisional and terminal tax.
  • Advice on the tax effectiveness of various entities as they relate to a clients business.
  • Managing any IRD audits and tax disputes.


We can offer good and timely advice in the following areas:

  • Registration queries.
  • Preparing GST returns.
  • Filing and adjusting GST returns.
  • Assistance with IRD audit inquiries.
  • Assistance to clients where a GST error may have been made in a previous return.


The rules regarding FBT have changed significantly since the introduction of the tax and often areas that you think would not attract FBT are caught and care needs to be taken when determining the likely FBT consequences of an action.

Where potential FBT liabilities are involved we encourage clients to talk with us before embarking on a course of action.

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